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Get ready GET set ..... GO


So while i was looking for a template, with items on it to cross off before you stage your home for sale, i noticed this One size fits all checklist to prep for Guests and began to giggle a little out loud to myself.... why you ask?

Because I find it humorous that we would clean our homes for guests but not for potential buyers, or even your home stager?? In case its not apparent I want to let everyone know that its very difficult and frustrating when I walk into a clients home only to find they havnt cleaned their home or even got it ready for me to stage? Hello??? GUys!! we (we meaning Home Stagers) should be the last person in your home besides the photography. Once you have amazing photos taken then you can relax a little and look around to appreciate what a difference a staged home makes!!!

Until then, please clean your home and get it ready so when i come in i can get right to moving furniture and organizing decorative pillows and bedding... etc.

Plus I dont want to bring my nice clean furniture into a place that is dusty and dirty, where the kids are running around with out rules and boundaries. Where pets are running the household and sleeping on the furniture. When i saw this checklist your suppose to do for guests, i thought to myself that stagers and potential buyers are guests too so this checklist should be perfect!! Just do it. dont make it bigger deal in your head then it really is. dont self sabotage. This is your biggest purchase and sale you will ever make. Take it seriously. I DO!


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