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impact of Buyer Viewing a Staged Home


I can tell you first hand that people are blown away by a staged home because the first people to get blown away are usually the sellers. By the time im finished they are usually reminding themselves why they decided to sell to begin Then the realtor is blown away and then after that the proof is in the offer!

The average home that stages with me gets on average a offer that is 20% above asking. That's a lot of possible money being left on the table if you decide not to stage.

NOW ... dont get me wrong, not everyone should invest in Home Staging. If your home has not been updated since the 80s and you are selling below fair market value , then by all means skip the staging, you will have a line out your door of flippers wanting in on the action. But if your trying to get the very most you can....... There isnt another option on the market to make that happen for you except to spend the money and just update!

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