• Chanel Leyva

To Stage or Not to Stage....

319 34th Pl,

Manhattan beach ca

OK... I'm excited about today's game of "Stage or not to stage." " I think it's worth mentioning that I'm aware some of these homes were actually "staged" by "professional stagers," but I would guess they picked the estimate that came in the lowest instead of actually doing their homework and cross-checking references. Lots of people have a hard time understanding the value of staging and to those people.... well I'm getting off track here". Let us continue shall we

So usually, I want to start with what they did right, but today we will begin with the wrong. First off, the pictures of their kids on the wall still, too personal and Also people should be careful keeping pictures of their kids on the wall for strangers to see. You just never know in these crazy days. I love these beds or benches, whatever they are, but I'm a little confused about what room this is? Is it a child's playroom, an office, or a bedroom? I would have taken the desk I see to the right out and made the whole space appear larger. Hang the two pictures in black frames where the photos of the children are now as long as they aren't more pictures of the children.

This makes me smile a little bit because its a knock off of what Vesta home staging did in the companies beginning of the business. They would display bright orange name brand bags in the closet. This might come close but personally should be careful and straight and neat.

Someone, please shoot me. Why in God's name is this a picture on the MLS of this house? Are we selling the lamp and nightstand? No .. I thought we were selling the home? So why this picture? And for God's sake, another realtor who doesn't want to fork out 300 dollars for professional pictures. These photos are hard to see and make me uninterested

These were taken at nighttime, I'm assuming?? Hence the darkness outside and the lamps on. Why would you take photos at night of the inside of a bedroom?

Well.... this was just plain interesting. I see what was trying to be done, but actually, the end results are the opposite of what you want. If ngthey were going for a zen spa-like feeling, I would argue and say it makes my OCD slightly uncomfortable with the soap and towels on the window ledge and all the towels on the floor. This shows that there is no cabinet space in the bathroom, and instead, they should have hung small towels on the rack and purchased a tub caddy accessory holder from bed bath and beyond to put across the tub and neatly put the soaps there. One of my biggest pet peeves is PETS during the sale of a home. Why are you showcasing your pet bed? This is not good for people who are possibly allergic to dogs, or it gives them the idea of fleas or dumb little things are minds start imagining the worse. Dog slobber and nail scratches. It's best to just hide all animal tracks

They pulled down the shades so you couldn't see the neighbors house that is uncomfortably close to this home, trying to take the focus away from the windows they ended up doing the opposite because they forgot to hang art. So automatically, I'm drawn to the two windows. Last but not least is the living room and kitchen... Oh man, I wish someone was there to help them when they remodeled this kitchen. Whoever it was completely forgot to add enough counter space to allow for barstools, or they meant to keep the island short, so you could put a sofa or seating around the fireplace, but tell me how one imagines sitting with their head behind this island and so close to the sink that your bothered by whoever is cooking and washing and you have the lights right above your eyes. This is a horrible layout for this home. They could do a lot better by getting rid of that sofa and placing two love seats on each side of the fireplace or pulling the sofa closer to the fireplace and leaving a gap between the sofa and the island. Im not sure if this home has another living area but if it does i wouldnt chose this layout for this room period. No one wants to sit like this.

How do you even sit at the bar with the sofa right there in the way. Sheesh.... I just cant believe the realtor didnt warn against this. Thats why getting a home stager in the homes to explain these types of situations is important. We work with Realtors to get your homes sold fast and for more.

But let me not forget to say a couple nice things..... like this home is well kept and clean for having two boys, and they did a wonderful job on the balconies. I love the little bar seating area window that reminds me of a drive thru window. Well thats to stage or not to stage.... More tomorrow


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