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Real Estate is not for the weak


gang, lots of comments from you guys appreciating the blogs where I walk through and point everything out the home needed to add or change. So we will do another one.

Every now and again I get a realtor in a panic texting or calling. Usually the agent needs help breaking it to the home owner, their home is in need of some updating or even better, they should completely move out of the home to keep from hindering the sale of it. These are tough conversations to have with sellers for lots of reasons, the main ones being, sellers hired the agents and therefore are their bosses. Can you imagine having to tell your boss he doesnt know how to do his job properly and should seek help of a pro? Well thats how agents feel breaking the news to sellers their home is lacking luster and needs to be staged properly. Its not meant to be offensive but unfortunately some home owners just don't know how to emotionally detached from honest constructive critisim , which leads me to my second reason which is sellers are still emotionally attached to their homes and take everything personally. Home stagers can be a terrific way to get your point across to a stubborn home owner, by playing good cop bad cop if you will. Especially when that home owner happens to be a designer!!

That is what happened here in Brentwood. Realtor panicking, asking me if there is anyway to make this home more sellable, not removing the furniture and making the very least footprint possible because the home owner, a designer, feels her home is in good taste. He happen to catch me at a very busy time, so i helped via text, circling pictures and sending advice..... keep reading for walk thru

Here is your entrance.... This is suppose to WOW everyone. If you get anything right, let it be the first 15 seconds of your home. Statistically speaking potential buyers know within the first 20 seconds whether or not they want the home. So I advised him to take out anything "Frumpy".

Frump will translate into "Dated" and Dated translates into work, and no one likes work if they can avoid it. So get rid of frumpy pillows and exchange for some pretty Gold ones that are nice and full. I always prefer feather filled as opposed to cotten because they fluff nicer and seem softer.

Beautiful White florals sitting in some water, centered on this coffee table would have been elegant and helped be a focal point in this formal sitting area

In the office below here I advised

Remove Frumpy pillows and get any and all furniture out of the entrances. Its not fung shui to block the doors with furniture. Keep nice paths for people to get walk and get around.

Okay in the picture below

I strongly advised taking down all the window treatments. They are cute as a button but

Gosh you home owners get so attached to these things!!

I understand its because you spent a fortune when you first bought the house to cover all your windows in the most lavish fabrics you could be sold on and 20 years later you dont want to take them down because you think they are perfectly good treatments, and they are.... But they are still 20 years old. They block a lot of light from coming in and they secretly take up space or are square footage stealers. Take them off and see the difference. You can leave the Valances but take off thick fabric drapes please

Take away the chair and tree from the entrance and take away the dividers in the back of the bed. I would roll the blanket to the edge of the bed and i wouldn't put the bed on a diagonal as they have done. This is leaving dead space behind the bed which is eating up square footage again. In a house of this size and price square footage is important. Its also not Fung Shui


Lastly ..... Everyone thinks "a pop of color" is some magic wand that helps create beautiful spaces..... but its just not true. Sometimes your home doesnt need a pop of color, but a lack there of. Sometimes staying cohesive is key and letting in as much light as possible by taking down all the heavy drapery. The room below would look quite lovely with more light shining in and white flowers instead of the pop of purple.

This victorian furniture style is hard to sell because no one is really interested unless they are in the antique business or are older. Older furniture screams dated home and then people start questioning the age and construction of the property. Asking questions like "hows the plumbing" when "have the pipes been updated". questions like these are what you want to avoid, unless you have been an A+ home owner keeping up with every update. Most people dont until something goes wrong.

Also because this home is filled with so many textures and patterns and colors, you arent really paying attention to the beauty of this home. The bones and the construction which is a shame because it does seem to be a well build property. Its important to know how much is too much and how much is not enough. When are you complimenting and when are you just over doing it. I always ask myself when applying pieces "is this necessary" if i say no, then i take it away.

Remember the objective here was to not disturb the clients decorating but help make it more appealing to all potential buyers and show the property in its best light. Obviously if I could touch the place, there would be lots more I might have done but that was a good quick fix for a realtor in a time crunch. enjoy

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