We take our job seriously    and    work effectively. 

This is accomplished through either a    Proposal or an Assessment.


Proposal for Home Staging

We will take a trip to the site to preview the property. We create a detailed design plan based on the inspection, determining what types/quantity of furniture, artwork, and accessories are needed for the project. Based on that design plan,  a proposal is created.

During an on-site visit the stager will:

Take photos to capture the layout and features of the property

Assess the neighborhood

Study the demographics of the area

Take notes on the property or home

The proposal states the scope of the project, like what rooms or areas will be staged, plus the cost of the project for both the initial 60-day period and the subsequent 30-day renewals. It will be sent to you in the form of a contract, so you can read through everything.

If you agree and sign the contract, we charge 75% as a non-refundable deposit and the remaining 25% is charged prior to the scheduled staging of the property.

Rest assured, the changes the stager has in the design plan are suggestions to help increase the appeal for prospective buyers.

We’ll even help you figure out logistics, such as specifying what to put into storage —

we make sure to cover all the details when you hire us. You can expect to receive your proposal within 24 to 48 hours after our on-site visit.

Staging Assessment

A Staging Assessment is a thorough room-by-room walkthrough of your property and after 24 hours, a detailed report will be provided to you on what exactly needs to be done to properly stage your property.

Examples of changes they might suggest:

Decluttering a room

Re-positioning furniture or artwork

Identifying a color of paint that will show better

There is a one-time fee for an assessment and payment in full is required before traveling to the property. 

If you’d like help with any details in the report, we’re happy to provide a bid to handle any of those tasks. We’re also more than happy to help you customize a plan to fit your budget.

Disclaimer: If you decide to hire us, we will be more than happy to take on the project as professional stagers, but clients are not allowed to choose the items to be used in the staging.

We are hired for our expertise and knowledge of what helps a buyer make an emotional connection to the property. If you are a seller or real estate agent, please understand that we’re not staging for your style — our focus is on the target buyer and understanding that neighborhood’s demographics. The contract we send to you will state that we are happy to make changes to staging or incorporate specific requests, but you will be billed on an hourly rate for that effort, which will be specified within the contract. Many people think decorating a home is the same as staging, but there’s a lot more to it — our results reflect our expertise in staging and the countless sales we’ve helped make because we do more than just decorate.


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